Personalized Wooden Hat Block Fedora Style


A luxurious personalized version of a Fedora Style Hat Block. This block is handmade from soft fruitwood and comes engraved with your name.
Note: Delivery time is 3-6 weeks. This item will be MADE TO ORDER.



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A correct size hat is important. Too large and it slides down into your eyes, too small and it will give you a headache.

How to determine your hat size?

Take a measuring tape. Guide it along the small indentation below the back of your skull, across the tips of your ears, to your forehead. The number of centimetres – for instance, 55 or 58 – is your hat size.

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∅ 55cm, ∅ 56cm, ∅ 57cm, ∅ 58cm, ∅ 59cm